Why use a Wedding Specialist?

We help you find the destination, arrange your date & site visit. We manage your large group vacation and all the details. We have first hand knowledge of destinations and are the gatekeepers.

Will you do weddings elsewhere?

Absolutely! We love travel and if you need us will travel for your wedding. We can do a site visit trip with you, and then introduce you to the on site coordinator for your wedding day. But if you need us... we will be there.

What does a specialist/coordinator do?

We negotiate the best possible rates for you and your guests. We help you select a wedding package and make wedding arrangement details. Explain the legal requirements of marriage in your country of choice. We also can marry you in Ontario first so your wedding overseas can be more ceremonial in style. We finalize all your travel plans and deliver tickets to you!

Do you do other events besides weddings?

Yes! We can do honeymoon planning, anniversaries, vow renewals, afternoon tea parties (adults only), bridal parties, and birthday celebrations. Whatever you need we are there to help.

When do I get to meet with my wedding specialist?

Send us a note by filling out the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours and have an initial meeting over the phone. Then if you would like to set up an initial consultation we can meet in person if possible or via video chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

Is there parking available?

There is parking for as many cars allotted depending on the package you have chosen. You will receive information regarding parking once booked.

Are there other weddings or events going on at the same time as mine?

No, the time you are allotted is yours. We ask that you respect that time as we do for you and for the couple prior to your wedding and the next couple to be wed after you.

What if I am not sure about the number of people when booking?

Number of people attending is necessary for setting up the ceremony prior to the service. This number can only be changed with a package change up to 48 hours before the ceremony (Except with the Platinum Package, 72 hours notice is required) provided it is limited to that package’s maximum.

Will I have time for pictures and where can I take them?

Depending on the package which we will clarify when booking and that you can find on our site under each package. We have multiple locations on the property for photos (only Infinity Life Weddings photographers are allowed on the property).

Will I be able to have a rehearsal?

We are happy to coordinate a site visit and go over details and logistics of the ceremony. The photographer can be reached via email and can set up a video appointment. If you would like the venue available for a private rehearsal additional charges will apply.

Can I bring my own officiant?

As an officiant myself and it being a private location, Infinity Life Weddings uses one other officiant so that there are 2 highly regarded officiants to choose from.

May we talk with the officiant before the ceremony?

Once your ceremony has been booked and confirmed I will contact you with details and a quick initial form to fill out. The Officiant will be happy to discuss via email or phone the wedding ceremony and any specific wishes you may have.

Do you have a refund policy?

All of our ceremony packages require an initial payment to book the location and participants. The initial payment is non- refundable.

Full payment is required 7 days before the ceremony.

May I bring in my own food or drink?

All food and beverages, non- alcoholic must be purchased through Infinity Life Weddings. If there is something specific, we will see if we can accommodate the request. Wedding cakes may be brought in (if not already part of your package), but there is a cutting/serving fee per person.

What are the house rules? 

Rules are listed under Terms of Services but to name a few; no candles (open flames), pyrotechnics, confetti, petals, nothing attached to our trees, no dogs allowed. We are happy to answer all questions at our free initial discussion. 

Do you have a cancellation policy for outdoor weddings?

Outdoor weddings will occur rain or shine. We suggest outdoor weddings be booked June to October. For weddings we can rent a back up tent (10 ft by 10ft). For elopement weddings we will try to have a back up sheltered place nearby.